Online partnership programs via XML, Private Label, Extranet & Co-Branding

Travel agent partners who wish to offer Etravel.Co.In net and commissionable rates through their own website may do so by using a direct Host-2-Host (XML) connection. This connection can be integrated into existing websites and customized according to the agent's own requirements.

The interface is designed to enable real-time communication between agents’ website and the Etravel.Co.In server by using XML formatted data. This type of co-operation allows affiliated site to customize the hotel information, destination lists, profit margin (net rate XML) and room availability. We offer XML on net rates.

Travel agents and affiliates can integrate our B2B rates into their website via private label or co-branding; or publish our banners and text links on their website. We do have an Extranet services where the Hotelier, Tour Company can add their services through Extranet. As there are technical requirements for this service, please consult our team at

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